“ALADDIN!” I screamed. He was alive. He was here. And he was going to get us out.

For the first time, I realized how hard I had been crying.

I started gasping for air as his grip tightened around my neck. I tried turning my head to catch a glimpse of Aladdin, but even that hurt.

I winced at him. I watched him hold her in that way, taking in every single action that was going down. I kept my focus on him, the corner of my mouth flipped upward and quivered. Most people know that if I involuntarily do something with my mouth, someone is not going to make it out  conscious. Or alive.

” You’re done” I said in a low, foreign gravelly tone.

She screamed my name, which startled the bastard. This was my opportunity to make a move. I lunged forward into a full on run and threw myself at him. I flipped over him, but grabbing his shoulders in the mean time toppling him off my fiance and on to the other side of the bed into the wall. One thing I didn’t notice was his knife.

He was not expecting Aladdin. Because he was a good problem solver he managed to keep his cool and find a way to foil the boy.

"Really Aladdin, you should stop trying. Because you see she doesn’t want you. Not now- after what you have done to her" he smiled at the real Aladdin. Haha. 

The next thing he saw was the ridiculous look Aladdin gave. His lip turned partially upward in a detesting manner, then he uttered something that sent chills, but he shook it off.

Aladdin suddenly sprinted at Moze, flying over him while grabbing him by his shoulders and robes. He was flung into the wall across the room. He managed to cause Moze some damage, his head hit the stone wall, he was hardly able to focus but because he had a background in martial arts he deflected Aladdin’s next attack.  Before Aladdin could even lay a fist, he failed to guard himself. Mozenrath threw the knife into Al’s side.

He watched as the street rat cried out, and doubled over. Then he made his second stab at Aladdin by coming up behind him, nailing him in the back, and kicking him to the floor.

Mozenrath was still trying to recover from the wall, after being thrown but he still wasn’t able to focus his eyesight.

Stupid boy, I am going to make sure you will not come out of this. You and Jasmine will both suffer death tonight.

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